Becoming a Well Rounded Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Mixed Martial Arts is an art where being well rounded in diverse styles is required and training or specializing in one specific style of marital arts is not enough. This can make the whole process of becoming a well rounded MMA fighter very time consuming because not every academy trains fighters in every style. Actually almost every academy specializes in one specific style for the most part.

One of the most important part of becoming a great mixed martial art fighter is very well put in this popular line amongst fighters … “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail” This is a saying that you should always keep in mind if you want to become an MMA fighter, because discipline is what will take you the furthest in this sport ..

It is also a most to be fit mentally for this sport. It is often said that half of the results a fighter gets from a fight depend on their mental stability, it is important to come strong with no fears and no unsettled business to a fight as this type of emotion can make a fighter lose the bout. A successful MMA fighter focuses on his mental health as much as he does on his skills and endurance.

This sport is not often called the most dangerous of all styles of fighting for no reason, this is serious competition and to be a part of this sport you have to become a serious fighter. Mixed Martial Arts has also gained a lot of notoriety for the amount of multidimensional fighters it showcases, many of the best fighters in the world have mastered many different styles of martial arts and when they put them all together it make them a spectacle to watch.

So here are the basic areas where you want to focus on developing; For the stand up aspect of fighting you must gain experience in at least one of these styles, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate, kung fu. I personally believe that for the boxing side of it kickboxing or Muay Thai are better if you want to be a well rounded fighter because these styles train you to use your fists for more than punching and that can be helpful in the ring.

As far as the grappling side of fighting you should look into judo, ambo, jujutsu wrestling ground Brazilian also the very popular and reputable Jiu jitsu or Wrestling Judo Jujutsu.

Once you establish a routine and begin to see results the ultimate way to stay on top of your game in MMA is how given you are to your training and how much you take care of your nutrition. These are essential for any MMA Fighter. You can have the skills but if you do not have the nutrition odd are going to be against you.…

Football Player’s Position

If we are talking about playing football, I think most of us want to be a striker or forward player, it’s because we think that the striker is the best position in the game and the others just for supporting the striker. And also we think that the striker is a hero for the team because he makes scores and finally wins the game. Sometimes common people say that they win only because of the Forward players or the strikers. But actually, their assumption is wrong, because the main thing that is important in football game is teamwork. Each player in the game must be discipline and do their duty based on their position. Without that, the play will be bad and the team will not win the game.

In football game, basically we know about 4 positions of players; Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF), and Forward or Striker (FW). In each position, they have their main duty in a game. So, what are actually the characteristics of each of them? Okay, let’s check it out.

The first position is a Goalkeeper. Goalkeeper is a position which has a main task to protect the goal post from opponent attack. This position actually is placed in the back of the others position. So, he just stands under the goal post and blocks the ball that comes to the goal. The characteristic of this position is goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with his hand.

The second position is a Defender or we usually call it as Back. Someone in this position has main task to protect their area from opponent attack. The position of back is in front of the goalkeeper. Usually in a game, defender is divided into two; Center Back (CB) and Side Back (SB). Center Back is a player who stands in the middle of defense area and in front of the goalkeeper. This kind of position holds the biggest responsibility in team after the Goalkeeper. Then the Side Back is a player who plays in the side of the defense area. Sometimes, this kind of position is helpful when attacking.

The next position is Midfielder. I think this is the most flexible position in the match. Because someone in this position can do everything, both attacking and defending. The midfielders play in the middle of the field. And also, midfielder is a position that is very important in a team. Because, they can make the defender are connected to the forward players. It means that the midfielders are the Playmakers in the game. Actually in the real game, the midfielder is divided into 4 positions; Center Midfielder (CMF), Defending Midfielder (DMF), Attacking Midfielder (AMF), and Side Midfielder. CMF tends to make the beautiful play by giving pass to others teammate. While DMF tends to more help the defender to defense. It means this kind of player is more defensive. Then an AMF is the contrary of DMF. It means that this player is more offensive. …

For the Love of NFL Football Helmets

What can be cooler than wearing NFL football helmets? NFL football helmets just seem to have that extra oomph. The bright colors and elaborate, sometimes whimsical designs are guaranteed to win looks of admiration. They make great ice breakers and can come in handy when you are trying to score the phone number of a pretty lady.

Football fans want to wear the helmet of the teams they root for – right? For the most part yes; they will wear the helmet of the team or teams they root for. But there are a good number of fans who wear the NFL football helmets of teams they do not necessarily root for. Heck, there are a good number of non-football fans who will wear NFL football helmets for the sake of fashion.

It may all sound superficial but let us be honest with ourselves. Do you remember rooting for a team not because they were good but because they had the coolest looking uniforms? Ladies, do you remember screaming your lungs out to cheer the star quarterback not because he has skills but because he looks hot? The same thing goes for football helmets; if the design looks good, no matter how much the team sucks, people still gravitate towards the team's helmets. Of course, it would not hurt if the team ruled over Super Bowl. Still, a good design is a good design and it will appeal to people from all walks of life – NFL fan or not.

Fans can choose between authentic and replica helmets. Authentic helmets are, as the name suggests, the same helmets worn by professional players. The face masks are made of steel and the thickness of the padding conforms to league standards. In contrast, the face masks of replica helmets are made of plastic and the padding is made of Styrofoam.

There are a several major manufactures of NFL football helmets. The leading manufacturers of professional football helmets include Bike and Schutt.

Football is probably the only game that looks more painful than professional wrestling. Ironically professional football players were not required to wear protective helmets until the 1930s. Compared to the helmets of today, the early prototypes did not provide much protection.

The early football helmets were made of leather. Eventually the leather helmets were replaced with harness style helmets. Head related injuries prompted sports scientists and helmet manufacturers to improve the helmets further and the result is the NFL football helmets players proudly wear today.

The designs of the helmets do more than make a fashion statement; any design or logo change mirrors the growth and evolution of the teams. In the spirit of change, the NFL made it mandatory for all teams to have alternate or throwback uniforms. These uniforms should bear designs different from their primary team logo and designs. …

"For the Love of NFL Football Helmets"

Boxing For Fitness? Incorporate This Boxing Circuit Into Your Workout

So you want to get fit and you have heard that boxing is a fun way of doing it. Well you are right! Boxing is a type of interval training allowing you to get your heart rate up really high with short bursts of activity. When you put together several short bursts of activity into an exercise regime of approximately 20 minutes you really see fitness benefits. You will see not only your strength improve but also your cardiovascular fitness. With the activities listed below you will also see an improvement in your abdominal strength, helping you get that elusive 6 pack!

Before you start you will need a superior set of boxing gloves and boxing mitts and a mat to do the sit ups on.

Try this circuit in your next boxing training!

Partners – 1 minute rounds and then swap

  1. Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook
  2. 10 straight punches, 10 high punches, 10 upper cuts
  3. 4 punches, duck, duck
  4. 10 punches, sprint to wall touch floor and back
  5. upper cuts
  6. sit ups – sit up, 2 punches, down, sit up, 4 punches, down, sit up 6 punches, down, sit up 8 punches, down and then work your way backwards.i.e. 8, 6, 4, 2
  7. 5 x left hand – jab, jab, cross: 5x right hand – jab, jab, cross
  8. 4 punches, 4 scissor steps
  9. boxer kneeling, partner standing behind with boxing mitts out in front and above head of boxer. Boxer punches continually upwards.
  10. medicine ball pass. With your partner sit facing each other and link ankles. Lie down at same time, when come up for a sit up pass medicine ball to partner, both lie down and sit up again at same time

You can repeat this boxing circuit as many times as you like.…

"Boxing For Fitness? Incorporate This Boxing Circuit Into Your Workout"

Basketball Fitness Training – Why Every Hooper Should Hill Sprint

Serious basketball coaches are always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition – to gain an advantage. It’s why you spend so much time researching methods of training that will make your players faster and stronger – and jump higher – without taking up too much time to get results.

That’s why I believe that running hill sprints (which includes running bleachers and stairs) is a must for any basketball player.

This is because hill sprints provide a number of benefits to the basketball athlete. Here are the Top 6:

1. Hill sprints provide the perfect combination of strength and speed training.

It’s like lifting weights and sprinting at the same time. The hill gives resistance to your athlete’s sprints, making them more difficult while being shorter in distance and duration. Including hill sprints in your training program can bring great results in as little as 15 minutes 1 or 2 times per week.

2. Hill sprints build stamina.

Endurance is something that every basketball player needs – but it is a special kind of endurance. If you want your athletes to perform at their peak, then low, slow distance types of cardio just won’t work. Their endurance training needs to mimic the demands of the game. Those needs being – short bouts of intense exertion broken up by periods of lower intensities.

Hill sprints provide just this type of interval training. They will take your players’ hearts and lungs to intensities far greater than those found in jogging or traditional types of endurance training. Their body will become used to reaching these higher levels, and recovering quickly in between the “sprints.”

More and more scientific studies are showing that VO2 Max (the traditional measure of aerobic endurance) is improved as much – or more- by using high intensity interval-type exercise like hill sprinting.

Want your team to have their “wind” at the end of the game? Hill sprint.

3. Hill sprints increase ankle strength – helping to prevent one of the most common injuries in sports – the ankle sprain.

Ankles are made stronger due to the need to push off harder when sprinting up the hill. Because of the incline, more drive is needed than when sprinting on a flat surface. Improved ankle strength also leads to the ability to push off harder during the game – benefiting a player’s important “first step” and lengthening their stride when sprinting in a breakaway on the court.

4. Hill sprints increase basketball players’ speed and explosiveness.

This is because hill training promotes two key factors in running faster and jumping higher. First, it forces proper knee lift – essential for driving the legs downward and back for more force. Second, hill sprinting makes the sprinter dorsi-flex their foot while running. The closer the toes are brought to the shin, the more force they can apply on ground contact. Think of dorsi-flexing as loading your foot – then unloading it into the ground – pushing you forward.

Explosiveness …

"Basketball Fitness Training – Why Every Hooper Should Hill Sprint"

Ivy League Schools

I felt unworthy when I contemplated penning a piece on Ivy League schools. After reading up on more facts about these schools, I realized that I was unworthy. The prestige of Ivy League schools is legendary. Since the American Revolution, or even earlier, they have been the best in America. Here are some details I’d like to share about the academic and athletic excellence of the Ivy League, all seven universities and 1 college of it.

The Ivy League is comprised of Princeton University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Columbia University, and Dartmouth College. The most erstwhile university is Harvard University founded in 1636, while Cornell was founded last of the eight schools in 1865. The title Ivy League is said to come from the ivy that grow on the outside of the old buildings that comprise the campuses.

The Ivy League has been competing against each other in sports as long as there have been sports in college. In 1852, the 1st event was held between Yale’s and Harvard’s boating teams. Since then, they’ve included every sport from baseball to water polo with fencing, football, lacrosse, rowing, and squash in between, just to name some. They were officially named the Ivy League in 1954, though they had been unofficially called by that name long before.

In 1954, the Ivy League’s founded pact for football was extended to all intercollegiate sports. According to the pact, athletic ability alone doesn’t deserve aid. The Ivy League doesn’t give athletic scholarships, unlike other schools in America. Instead, academic achievement is the foundation for scholarship grants.

Excellence in the classroom is the highest priority for Ivy League schools. Only the best of the best are admitted with an acceptance rate of nine per cent to twenty per cent per year. The college admissions process can be a tough battle at any school all over the nation, but here it’s absolutely vicious. At times, students with very good test scores are turned down from their first Ivy League school of choice for no evident reason. These schools have such a high number of applicants that the process is never a sure thing.

I was also amazed to know that even students with better than average test scores are at times not admitted to Ivy League schools. The college admissions office looks at the students as a complete package. Aside from test scores and grades, club and society memberships, leadership positions, extracurricular activities, and the elusive “X” factor are also weighed in.

Indeed, an Ivy League school is the best place to get a great education. However, you should be accepted first, and the best way to do that is to get the interest of the college admission offices by presentation. Organizing all your information in 1 place is your most effective way.

You must work on getting high grades because athletic ability is not enough to get you a scholarship to an Ivy League school.…

"Ivy League Schools"

The Backlash After Whiplash: What Can You Do?

Have you ever been in a motor vehicle accident? During the average lifetime, there is a strong likelihood that you or someone you know will experience an unfortunate event of this kind. Statistics show that during their life span one of every four people will be in a car crash. After a fender bender, whether you are the driver or a passenger, you may take a painkiller or two and perhaps do some physical therapy. Then, when you feel better, you may never think of it again. But what if symptoms linger? Or, worse yet, if you have no symptoms, can an accident come back to haunt you?

What Is “Whiplash”?

The non-medical term whiplash was first used in 1928. Although more accurate terms, such as acceleration flexion-extension neck injury or soft tissue cervical hyperextension injury have sometimes replaced it, “whiplash” continues to be used commonly for this kind of soft tissue neck injury. Whiplash injury specialist Dr. Arthur Croft estimates that as many as 3 million whiplash injuries occur every year in the United States, and that one of every three people will suffer from the condition.

Whiplash injury is a sudden strain or trauma affecting the bones, disks, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons of the neck, a body area that involves seven vertebrae and is known as the cervical region. The damaging forward and backward or even sideways jolt of the head and neck are caused not only by automobile accidents, but also by contact sports, various amusement park rides, falls, and assaults. Statistically, motor vehicle collisions, contact sports, and amusement park rides are the top three causes.

Various symptoms are associated with whiplash injury, including, but not limited to, neck and back pain, nausea, numbness, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, vertigo (loss of balance), inflammation, hearing impairment, headaches, visual disturbances, fracture, and paralysis. Occasionally, no symptoms are present initially, only showing up days, weeks, or even years after the injury. The consequences of whiplash range from mild pain for a few days (the most common outcome) to severe disability caused by restricted movement of the head or of the cervical spine, sometimes with persistent pain. It is likely that 40% to 50% of people with whiplash injuries suffer permanent pain.

Treating the Injury

Following an accident, it is important to be checked immediately either at an emergency room or by your chiropractor. Provided no fracture has occurred, a chiropractor can do an examination that begins with obtaining a detailed history, followed by orthopedic and neurologic tests, a range of motion test, posture and palpation check, and X-rays to see the extent of damage or change in the spine. The neck should be perfectly straight on an X-ray, and your chiropractor will be able to identify any misalignment (subluxation). On a side view, the neck should show the arc of a circle. Loss of the cervical curve, which is common on physical impact, can cause any of the whiplash symptoms listed previously.

Treatment for whiplash includes passive and active exercises, …

"The Backlash After Whiplash: What Can You Do?"

The Difference Between Amateur And Professional Soccer Coaching

When we talk about professional soccer coaching, the first thing that springs to mind, is the subject of access. Access to the players, access to facilities and equipment, access to medical care, access to coaches.

Let’s look at these access points in greater detail.

Access to players

In professional soccer coaching you’re able to train everyday, at least 4 hours a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. It could work out to around 24 hours per week. At amateur level 24 hours of coaching may take 3 months to achieve. So in terms of players development, they will see progress faster because of the frequency of the coaching.

Access to facilities and equipment

At amateur level things may be very tight financially, so coaches will be limited with what support equipment they can provide. The training park may have to double up as the home pitch for games. The surface of the pitch maybe poorly maintained adding a risk element for players, due to lack of funds. Which may also mean only one kit for both home games and away games. Indoor training pitches are unlikely too, and sometimes just having enough footballs can prove to be a struggle.

Access to medical care

The difference between the amateur and professional game where medicine is concerned is huge. With professional soccer coaching you get the very best medical backup. Players are closely monitored to ensure they are in peak physical condition. Constant telemetry tracks the miles they run in training and match days.

This helps doctors to calculate how much rest is needed between games. But it doesn’t end there, players are screened regularly for their heart function, they’re also tested for lung capacity and oxygen levels. Add into the mix sports psychologists who ensure players are mentally prepared, and you are light years away from the amateur game.

Access to coaches

At the professional level you are going to get better coaching. But is this because the coaches are better, or because the coaches have more time with the players? The truth is probably a bit of both. Not every coach at professional level is going to be better than an amateur coach, just more fortunate. Although not every coach at the amateur level is going to be good either, however they are at a disadvantage because of the time they get to spend with players.

So to sum it all up, amateur coaching and professional coaching are the same thing.

You are essentially teaching the same game. However, with professional soccer coaching you are open to a whole host of resources, that enable you to massively improve the players in your squad.…

"The Difference Between Amateur And Professional Soccer Coaching"

Taekwondo Marketing Ideas for New Instructors

Even after two decades of teaching Korean martial arts, I still remember what it was like to be hurting for good taekwondo marketing ideas. If you’re a new instructor reading this article, I suspect you found it searching Google for ideas because you’re in the same boat. And because I know what it’s like to be a new school owner with little or no idea of how to get new students, I’m sympathetic to your plight and happy to share a few tips with you.

For starters, you should understand that your market as a Korean martial arts instructor is going to be different from say, a mixed martial arts school. Even so, there is also going to be some definite overlap between your target market and the target market of the MMA school down the street. The reason? Your target market is families and kids, and savvy MMA school owners are quickly figuring out that’s where the stable income is to be found.

Your Marketing Advantage as a Taekwondo Instructor

However, don’t let this intimidate you, because you have a major advantage over many MMA gyms. That advantage is your image. Think about it – MMA has a very negative image and culture, whereas taekwondo and karate have a very positive image and culture in comparison. If you were a parent, where would you rather have your child training?

  • At a taekwondo school where the adults and instructors were all clean cut and respectful, where no cursing or undisciplined behavior was allowed, and where the value system is based on such values as honor, discipline, courtesy, and respect –
  • Or at an MMA gym, where many of the adults and instructors are tattooed and rough-looking, where the language can sometimes be loose, and where the environment is undisciplined and the value system is based on “only the strong survive –

It’s not even a question in most parents’ minds; that is, if they know the difference between traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts. So, my first bit of advice to you is that you emphasize that difference in all your advertisement and marketing. And, the best place to emphasize and contrast your programs with other schools is on your website, which brings me to my next tip…

Make Sure Your Martial Arts Website Is Professional and Designed to Get Leads

Although the type of marketing that we do as martial arts schools owners is direct marketing, most of our sales follow a two-step or even a three-step sales process. That is to say, we use offline or online marketing to get a lead (someone who calls or who leaves their contact information via our website so we can call them), at which point we follow-up with that lead to set an appointment for some sort of introductory lesson. Then, our goal is to enroll that student during or after the initial lesson.

Leads are the lifeblood of your taekwondo school. And, your website is the linchpin of …

"Taekwondo Marketing Ideas for New Instructors"

Helpful Tips in Choosing the Perfect Display Case For Your Football Collection

Your football memorabilia collection is probably one of your most prized possessions. So it is extremely vital that you protect its condition and help preserve it longer. It may either be a simple collection of football trading cards or a longtime hobby of completing the NFL mini helmet collection. Some factors such as frequent exposure to moisture and heat can surely increase the probability of it discoloring and fading. It is also prone to dust and simple handling can prove to affect its net worth in the future. This is especially applicable to signed memorabilia such as posters and photographs. These factors can lead to smearing, bleeding or worst, the signature can disappear entirely.

Display cases for your valuable collection will probably be the best protection you can give for your memorabilia. There are many display cases available in the market that differs in quality and durability. These cases do not only protect these items but is also an attractive way of showing off your collection. Therefore, it is important that you find the best display case you can afford to protect these items and ensure they are seen and appreciated by their true value. Here are some tips you can consider before making a final decision in the display case perfect for your football collection.

o Design
Typical display cases are cubed shaped but there are a few designs that come in hexagonal, round or other shapes. Display cases are all manufactured acrylic but the sturdy and hardy cases often have solid bases. These cases are available in oak, walnut or black bases. You should choose a display case according to your design preference as well as its quality.

o Quality
Quality is the most important aspect you should consider when shopping for a display case. Although it is considered that any protection is better than no protection at all, it is always best to purchase a display that has better quality than others. Look for characteristics such as sturdiness, good craftsmanship and durability.

o Construction
It is important that you determine how the display case is crafted. Some may be glued or just stapled together. Even though this protective case may only last for a few years, it is much better that it is attached in a more secure way like handcrafted cases. One good tip is to select a display case that is handmade rather than one that is mass-produced. You can also check if the wooden base is made out of endurable wood and not compressed paper or wood laminate.

Display cases are designed to protect collectibles such as your NFL mini helmet collection. If you truly want to ensure that your memorabilia will last longer and will be protected, it is important that you purchase one that is ideal and strong enough to withstand the harsh effects of moisture and heat. …

"Helpful Tips in Choosing the Perfect Display Case For Your Football Collection"

How to Find a Source For Golf Cart Parts

Whether you own a fleet of golf carts for professional use or are lucky enough to live on a course and own a golf cart for personal use, you’ll likely need to order golf cart parts to eventually repair the cart. Finding a source for golf car parts may seem like a difficult task, especially if the cart breaks down at an inopportune time. It’s best to find a company that sells golf car parts before you need them, so you’re able to make the decision wisely.

Finding A Provider With Many Makes And Models

If you own a group of golf carts, chances are you have carts that are more than one make or model. Finding one source of parts that can support every golf cart you own means you won’t have to search all over looking for a company that sells a specific brand of golf cart parts. Popular brands to look for are Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Hyundai and Columbia.

It’s even more convenient if the company sells all types of parts like battery chargers, headlights, steering wheels, engines and engine parts and front and rear shock absorbers. If a source of golf cart parts can offer both brand name and generic parts for your carts, you may be able to save yourself some money if a generic part will work as well as the more expensive name brand.

Finding A Provider That Supports Older Golf Car Parts

Replacing an older golf cart can be expensive, but if you’re unable to find golf car parts for older models, you may not have a choice. Some companies selling golf car parts offer generic parts specifically designed to work with older models of golf carts. Finding a company that supports golf cart models no longer made can be a great way to save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Rebuilt parts can also be an easy way to save money on golf cart parts. A rebuilt engine, for instance, will be drastically cheaper than a brand new engine. Oftentimes these rebuilt parts work as well as a brand new part for nearly half the price.

Finding A Provider Of Golf Cart Parts That Ships Quickly

It goes without saying that when your golf car breaks down, you need replacement golf car parts quickly. A company that stocks golf cart parts should be able to ship them quickly via a trackable source like UPS or FedEx. Some products may have to be special ordered and will require additional shipping time, but the company should be able to tell you up front if that’s the case.

Like any other piece of equipment, golf carts will eventually need repair. If you’re able to anticipate needing golf car parts, you can find a source for parts before the need arises. Finding a company that provides many different brand name and generic parts, supports older models of golf carts and ships quickly means you won’t need to scramble around when your cart …

"How to Find a Source For Golf Cart Parts"

X1 Football Helmet Incorporates New Technology to Protect Players From Concussions

A lot of attention has been paid to the dangers of concussions in football since the death of former NFL defensive back Andre Waters and the release of a report that indicated concussions were tied to depression in ex-NFL players. Those incidents have led the NFL to undertake several new initiatives and, across the nation, football programs from the high-school to professional levels are taking a more proactive approach to preventing head injuries. A former Harvard quarterback and his innovative company are also contributing to the cause with their newest invention – the X1 football helmet.

The X1 is the product of Xenith LLC, a company established in 2004 by Vincent Ferrara – a Harvard quarterback in the mid-90s and a graduate of Columbia's business and medical schools. Ferrara founded Xenith with the mission of advancing safety and activity through innovation and education, and the company is currently focusing most of its attention on finding ways to reduce concussions through new technology. Much of the technology Xenith has developed so far is featured in the X1, which incorporates an innovative head protection system not currently seen in any other helmet. The system is called Xenith Adaptive Head Protection (TM), and it's comprised of patent pending "Aware-Flow (TM) Shock Absorbers" and a new fitting method known as "Fit Seeker (TM)". According to Xenith, the combined effect of these two technologies is designed to reduce the risk and severity of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.

Here's how the system works: the X1 is equipped with 18 Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers embedded between the outer shell of the helmet and a flexible interior head piece. Each shock absorber is a lightweight, hollow disk made from thermoplastic urethane, with a small hole in the center that allows air to flow in and out. Unlike the foam in standard football helmets, the shock absorbers respond differently to high, medium and low impacts. The disks absorb a low-impact hit by slowly letting air out and compressing. But with a more forceful (high-impact) hit, air pressure inside the disk creates greater resistance – slowing down the speed at which the disks compress even further. The overall purpose of the X1's shock absorption system is to reduce the sudden movements of the head that often cause concussions. Meanwhile, the "Fit Seeker" component assures that the helmet does not go flying off during impact.

Recently, the X1 football helmet received approval from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) – a nonprofit organization that commissions research and attempts to establish standards for athletic equipment. No word yet on whether the NFL is looking into this new technology, or when the X1 will be available for retail purchase. …

"X1 Football Helmet Incorporates New Technology to Protect Players From Concussions"