Saving for Dental Implants to Get That Hollywood Smile I Have Always Wanted

The first thing I did when I got a job and moved into my own apartment was to find a new dentist. There was not a lot of money growing up, and my teeth were not in the best of shape. I actually started a savings budget to get my teeth fixed when I was a junior in high school. I have saved all through high school and college for things I wanted when I moved out, and dental implants to replace a couple of missing teeth were on my list. I visited a Greenwood Village dentist to get an estimate for a complete dental makeover to get the exact smile I wanted.

I was not going to settle for dingy looking grayish teeth, crooked teeth or ones that were not shaped nice.…

Becoming a Well Rounded Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Mixed Martial Arts is an art where being well rounded in diverse styles is required and training or specializing in one specific style of marital arts is not enough. This can make the whole process of becoming a well rounded MMA fighter very time consuming because not every academy trains fighters in every style. Actually almost every academy specializes in one specific style for the most part.

One of the most important part of becoming a great mixed martial art fighter is very well put in this popular line amongst fighters … “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail” This is a saying that you should always keep in mind if you want to become an MMA fighter, because discipline is what will take you the furthest in this sport ..

It is also a most to be fit mentally for this sport. It is often said that half of the results a fighter gets from a fight depend on their mental stability, it is important to come strong with no fears and no unsettled business to a fight as this type of emotion can make a fighter lose the bout. A successful MMA fighter focuses on his mental health as much as he does on his skills and endurance.

This sport is not often called the most dangerous of all styles of fighting for no reason, this is serious competition and to be a part of this sport you have to become a serious fighter. Mixed Martial Arts has also gained a lot of notoriety for the amount of multidimensional fighters it showcases, many of the best fighters in the world have mastered many different styles of martial arts and when they put them all together it make them a spectacle to watch.

So here are the basic areas where you want to focus on developing; For the stand up aspect of fighting you must gain experience in at least one of these styles, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate, kung fu. I personally believe that for the boxing side of it kickboxing or Muay Thai are better if you want to be a well rounded fighter because these styles train you to use your fists for more than punching and that can be helpful in the ring.

As far as the grappling side of fighting you should look into judo, ambo, jujutsu wrestling ground Brazilian also the very popular and reputable Jiu jitsu or Wrestling Judo Jujutsu.

Once you establish a routine and begin to see results the ultimate way to stay on top of your game in MMA is how given you are to your training and how much you take care of your nutrition. These are essential for any MMA Fighter. You can have the skills but if you do not have the nutrition odd are going to be against you.…

Football Player’s Position

If we are talking about playing football, I think most of us want to be a striker or forward player, it’s because we think that the striker is the best position in the game and the others just for supporting the striker. And also we think that the striker is a hero for the team because he makes scores and finally wins the game. Sometimes common people say that they win only because of the Forward players or the strikers. But actually, their assumption is wrong, because the main thing that is important in football game is teamwork. Each player in the game must be discipline and do their duty based on their position. Without that, the play will be bad and the team will not win the game.

In football game, basically we know about 4 positions of players; Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF), and Forward or Striker (FW). In each position, they have their main duty in a game. So, what are actually the characteristics of each of them? Okay, let’s check it out.

The first position is a Goalkeeper. Goalkeeper is a position which has a main task to protect the goal post from opponent attack. This position actually is placed in the back of the others position. So, he just stands under the goal post and blocks the ball that comes to the goal. The characteristic of this position is goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with his hand.

The second position is a Defender or we usually call it as Back. Someone in this position has main task to protect their area from opponent attack. The position of back is in front of the goalkeeper. Usually in a game, defender is divided into two; Center Back (CB) and Side Back (SB). Center Back is a player who stands in the middle of defense area and in front of the goalkeeper. This kind of position holds the biggest responsibility in team after the Goalkeeper. Then the Side Back is a player who plays in the side of the defense area. Sometimes, this kind of position is helpful when attacking.

The next position is Midfielder. I think this is the most flexible position in the match. Because someone in this position can do everything, both attacking and defending. The midfielders play in the middle of the field. And also, midfielder is a position that is very important in a team. Because, they can make the defender are connected to the forward players. It means that the midfielders are the Playmakers in the game. Actually in the real game, the midfielder is divided into 4 positions; Center Midfielder (CMF), Defending Midfielder (DMF), Attacking Midfielder (AMF), and Side Midfielder. CMF tends to make the beautiful play by giving pass to others teammate. While DMF tends to more help the defender to defense. It means this kind of player is more defensive. Then an AMF is the contrary of DMF. It means that this player is more offensive. …

March Madness: Everything You Need to Know Before The 2019 Season Kicks Off

In a couple of weeks now, we will be ushering in the new season of the March Madness. What that means is every day of fun basketball games till a winner ensues again. And trust us, it will be fun.

If you are also looking forward to it, it is just necessary that we play catch up before the D-day. Furthermore, we will also throw in some tips that will help you grab the games from anywhere you might be when they start playing.

You don’t have to take our word for it. How about we get started?

What is March Madness?

The March Madness is a term used to refer to NCAA’s Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament. The event earned its name due to the significance of when it happens and how it does happen.

For one, the games start in March and usually ended in March – before expansion took over and the games spilled into April.Still, that does nothing to take away from the fact that it is now synonymous with the third month.

The madness? Well, every single team has to give their all like they were playing their last game, because it could be. Every game is treated like a final since losses would mean direct knockout.

How many teams compete in the March Madness?

The first ever March Madness event held in the year 1939, and it had just 8 teams in participation. Many years down the line, more teams have emerged and been added onto that list.

To put that in context, a total of 68 teams now battle for the final glory of the competition. To cater for that size, more games were also added – as should be.

How to watch all the action live

TVs have long been the preferred mode of watching the March Madness games, and for good reason. Afterall, they brought all the channels and were readily available.

But then, streaming is fast changing the way we view sports. You can now consume sports content on the go, watch your games on any device and do not even need to have cable running.

If you would also prefer to watch Mach Madness online, here are some of the platforms to subscribe to:

  • YouTube TV–Offering all of Fox, CBS, ESPN, BTN and other such channels, you get all the basketball action you might want in this package. At just $40/ month, and a 14-day free trial to boot, younever have to miss out on a single game
  • SlingTV – This is one of the cheapestalternatives for those who don’t have cable TV. The service costs just $25/ month and you get to watch all teams except for the Big Ten (only available via YouTube TV) and Pac-12 teams.

You can add a Pac-12 subscription plan to your Sling TV package at just $5/ month.

  • PlayStation Vue – If you prefer the Sony platform instead, this is also a great streaming device for all the March Madness
"March Madness: Everything You Need to Know Before The 2019 Season Kicks Off"

The Foot Lock as a BJJ technique

As an individual, who is very much interested in learning the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ, then you would surely love to be with prestigious BJJ coaches and instructors. Anyway, that is not a bad idea, especially if you have hopes and dreams of becoming a champion someday. So, what you really need to do is to learn all the techniques that would help you win a match. Therefore, you need to focus on your training because every second counts.

One of the techniques that you must really practice is the foot lock. Do you know that Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Tom Deblass is excellent in performing a foot lock? It would be nice, if you can watch his matches, so that you will know how good he is in fighting. I know that you would appreciate his moves and that he can be an inspiration for you to practice and master the skills.

When you are in a BJJ match, it is very important for you to learn how to make your opponent submit to your technique just like the foot lock. When your opponent cannot take this lock anymore, he would surely tap and you win. Isn’t it great to have that dream? So, we have here a few things that you must know about the foot lock technique.

Risky Technique

If you will choose Jiu-Jitsu as your sport, then you cannot always avoid experiencing injuries because of various attacks like the foot lock. Using this technique may be dangerous and gives you pain, especially if you will not tap. While for some BJJ fighters, they really submit because of the pain.

Another thing is that, through this technique, you are in control. You can make a good position and you can make a way for your opponent to submit. Anyway, this technique may be used both in Gi and No Gi techniques.

Now, if you were trained about how to break this technique, then you would surely continue fighting. You may have a higher pain tolerance, but remember that you also have a limit. So, make sure that when you learn the foot lock, then you should also learn about the defensive technique. You may click here to find out about this defense.

You’re in Control

Through the foot lock technique you are in control of the match. It means that using this technique will give the opponent less chance of making a move. Therefore, the floor is yours because you are actually in a good position. How can your opponent make an offense, if they are locked? You know that he will try to make a way out of that lock and defend himself, but it is not that easy because the opponent knows that you are watching every move he makes. You may even be thinking about what he is thinking because you have learned about what defenses must be done.

When you are in control of your opponent, you will feel like he is defenseless and weak. …

"The Foot Lock as a BJJ technique"

The Best Diet Friendly Pub Foods

When you’re on a diet, going out with your friends may seem more like a chore than a night of fun. This is especially true if your friends love pubs and sports bars because you never know what you might find on those menus. No matter what type of diet you follow, you’ll still find some foods that will help you stick to your program without relying on a basic salad.

Naked Wings

Restaurants and bars La Grange IL menus feature a number of fatty dishes and dishes with loads of calories. Many pubs and restaurants across the nation serve wings that cooks deep dry and then coat in a sauce full of salt and sugar. You can opt for naked wings to save some calories. Naked wings are essentially chicken wings cooked without the skin. They come to your table without any sauce too. If you think wings without sauce are too boring, you can ask for the sauce on the side and use a small amount.

Grilled Chicken

Regardless of what restaurant you choose, you’ll likely find a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu. Before ordering, you should ask the server if the sandwich comes with an unnecessary sauce. Simply asking the server to leave off the sauce or mayonnaise can save you more than 100 calories. You can also ask about adding extra veggies to your sandwich to give it some more flavor. Some restaurants also offer grilled chicken tenders.

Cheese Pizza

Depending on the type of pub you visit, you may find that your best option is a simple cheese pizza. You can order a personal or pan size for the night, but you can also order a larger pizza and save the leftovers for lunch the next day. If you aren’t a fan of plain pizza, feel free to add extra toppings. When you stick to vegetables like mushrooms and green peppers, you add flavor without adding a lot of calories. Grilled chicken, naked wings and grilled chicken are just a few pub options that will help you stick to your diet.

"The Best Diet Friendly Pub Foods"

That Pain in The Shoulder Could Be Arthritis

The most common cause of disability in the United States is arthritis. The cartilage in the joints become thinner and less supportive, and in most cases, inflammation sets in, causing pain and stiffness. This inflammation can translate into acromioclavicular joint arthritis, which affects nearly 50 million people. 

What is Acromioclavicular Arthritis? 

This joint joins the shoulder with the tip of the clavicle, and is a frequent cause of a painful shoulder. It’s more common in older adults and typically caused by the deterioration of cartilage. However, another cause can be a traumatic one, due to repeated contusions to the shoulder, typical in contact sports. 

The most common symptoms of arthritis in the shoulder are limitation of movement and pain, but it is most often felt when lying on the shoulder, when resting or sleeping. Many people initially ignore the pain until it becomes annoying and unbearable. 

Problems that Occur with Acromioclavicular Arthritis 

As with arthritis affecting the other joints of the body, this arthritis in the shoulder also comes with pain and swelling, particularly when activities are carried out. The joint can tear, causing swelling and formation of bone spurs in the affected area. However, the spurs are not a fundamental origin of pain, but rather a symptom of arthritis. 

Arthritis related to the acromioclavicular joint is common, especially in bodybuilders, and found in individuals who practice exercises such as bent over rows with standing barbells, and the military press. Arthritis of the acromioclavicular joint can also be found where there are on-going issues with the rotator cuff muscles. 


There is no way to replace cartilage impaired due to arthritis. Because of this, the main way to control arthritic symptoms is by changing the daily regimen so you don’t further irritate the condition. Applying ice to the ligaments will assist in diminishing pain and inflammation. Also, commonly used over-the-counter drugs like aspirin are used. Unfortunately, these solutions only treat the symptoms. 

When Over-The-Counter Treatments Don’t Work 

If rest, ice, a healthy diet, and OTC drugs do not relieve pain and inflammation, then having a doctor prescribe a cortisone cure should be the next step. Surgery can also be the next measures. Since the pain is caused by contact at the end of the bones, the surgery will consist of the removal of an end portion of the clavicle. The surgical solution usually consists of a small incision about one inch long, and most patients return to full joint movement after about six weeks, and start playing sports after twelve weeks. 

If the shoulder joint is excessively worn to cause partial articulation of the joint, a procedure called arthroplasty may be suggested. This is a joint replacement operation. After the operation, passive shoulder exercises will be performed. Exercises are an important part of recovery and contribute to increasing the strength, flexibility and mobility of the joint. 

Inflammation and pain can compromise the quality of life also limiting the functionality of the arms so it’s always best to

"That Pain in The Shoulder Could Be Arthritis"

The Latest Fitness Craze – Reviewed

I’ve reviewed several fitness fads, and I will be reviewing some more here. I’ll be explaining what they are and how beneficial they may be. Maybe you want to try a new workout routine today!

Piloxing – I haven’t tried this one, but, it looks like fun! Of course, I love anything with boxing in it! So, this newest workout routine is a cross between pilates and boxing. This concept was invented by Viveca Jensen, and I think it’s genius! It gives you an all over body workout, or a core workout. You know me! I’m all about the core workouts! And this really is mostly core during this workout, adding in cardio, strength, stretching, and an all over body workout. This workout routine really has it all!

Aerojump – Boxers use jumping rope in their workout routines, and know how important it is for agility, quick movements, and their cardio training. A boxer has to go for three minutes in the ring, and it’s all or nothing! Those three minutes are absolutely exhausting, and they know they have to be toned for it! So, aerojump was invented by a boxer, of course! Michael Olajide’ Jr invented this jump rope routine that tones all the muscles in the body as well as provides excellent cardio. The claim is that you can burn 450 calories in just 10 minutes with this routine! Awesome! It’s extremely high intensity, and looks to be a lot of fun. I haven’t tried this one either.

Tae Bo – I have done Tae Bo, and lot’s of it! It’s an older one, but, I don’t think it’s gone out of style yet. This is a fantastic all over body workout! It targets the core as well as increases strength, stamina, speed, and power. Besides, it’s a lot of fun. I love boxing, and though in Tae Bo, you don’t actually hit any bags, it’s still a lot of fun and a great fast paced workout. It will get you in shape very quickly. It’s a combination of Tae Kwondo and boxing put to fun, fast paced music. The class lasts an hour, and it is a high intensity workout. It’s designed for both men and women.

So, I hope this gave you an idea on many of the new classes and some of the old ones that are still out there! Give them all a try, and start moving today!…

"The Latest Fitness Craze – Reviewed"

6 Fun Facts About the History of the Alabama Crimson Tide

At the University of Alabama, football is king. The school’s gridiron squad has won numerous national titles, has had renowned coaches and players, and was even featured in the motion picture “Forest Gump.” While most fans of “Alabama,” “Bama,” or “UA” know these details, you might be unaware of some others. Here are some facts about Alabama football, which fewer football fans know:

1. The “Crimson Tide” nickname originated from a muddy game

Prior to becoming the Alabama Crimson Tide, people commonly referred to Alabama’s football squad, as the “Crimson White” (named after the school colors) or “Thin Red Line.” Then in 1907, Alabama played its arch rival, Auburn. Alabama was a huge underdog, and the teams played in a “sea” of red mud. However, Alabama battled Auburn to a 6-6 tie. Later, a sports editor named Zipp Newman popularized the nickname “Crimson Tide.”

2. No Alabama player has won the Heisman Trophy

Ironically, despite all the success of the Alabama Crimson Tide’s football team, no player has won the Heisman Trophy award-given to the most outstanding NCAA football player in a single season. In 1993, David Palmer became the closest Alabama player to winning the award. David “The Deuce” Palmer, played wide receiver for the Crimson Tide, and would later play seven seasons with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

3. Alabama has won 21 SEC titles

The Crimson Tide’s football record is simply outstanding. Here are some of its accomplishments, throughout the years:

o 12 National Titles

o 25 Conference Titles (21 SEC)

o 51 Bowl Games

o 92 All-American Players

4. Paul “Bear” Bryant had a .834 winning percentage as Alabama’s coach

Coach “Bear” Bryant is a legend at Alabama. He led the Crimson Tide to six national championships, which is half of the team’s all-time 12 national titles. Bryant also coached at Texas A&M University, the University of Kentucky and the University of Maryland. However, Alabama was where Bryant had his most success. Bryant earned the nickname “bear” when, at 13-years-old, he wrestled a bear as part of a theater’s promotion.

5. Alabama’s elephant mascot dates back to 1930

The origin of the school’s elephant mascot was the 1930 season. At that time, Coach Wallace Wade was the team’s general. During a game versus Mississippi, an Alabama fan shouted, “…the elephants are coming!” referring to Alabama’s huge, aggressive players. Everett Strupper, a sportswriter, reported the incident.

6. Three former Alabama coaches are in the College Football Hall of Fame

Since the Hall of Fame first opened its doors in South Bend, Indiana (1951), it has inducted 16 Alabama players, and three coaches. The coaches inducted were Wallace Wade (1923-1930), Frank Thomas (1931-1946), and Paul “Bear” Bryant (1958-1982). The Hall of Fame inducted Bryant as both a player and a coach.

The football history at Alabama is simply amazing. It includes 12 national championships, Coach “Bear” Bryant, and some aforementioned less famous facts. Use Alabama Crimson Tide merchandise to cheer on the team to its next historical moment-another national …

"6 Fun Facts About the History of the Alabama Crimson Tide"

TitleChase Football Manager – We Review This Exciting New Game!

I've just spent 3 hours with my two boys (9 and 7) and we did not touch the Wii once! The reason? TitleChase! So what's this then, you're wondering? Well, in a nutshell, TitleChase is a board game where you're the manager of a football team – any team you like. You go through a whole season playing league and cup matches, buying and selling players, earmarking money from sponsorship, ticket sales, new club strip, etc., but watch out – you can get fined for crowd violence, poor player discipline, even failing drug tests!

You buy and sell Star players to help your team's track record and aim to be the team on top of the League at the end of the season.

Here's the low-down on this board game that's appeared from now and is catching on with kids of all ages (42 is still a kid, right?).

What Is It?

TitleChase is a Football-based Board game with supporting CD. Yes, it's aimed at football fans, but the rules are simple enough that you can have fun playing it even if you do not know the first thing about the game.

What Does It Do?

It's similar to Monopoly in that you move round a board based on the throw of a dice (sometimes two) and you collect or spend money on items (in this case players or fines, not houses and hotels). As you land on the various squares, you have to make choices to try and build a strong squad and make it through the various rounds of the Cup and keep ahead in the League.

What's Cool About It?

My boys loved the fact that the CD allows you to choose your own teams and play them against the great names – you can even print off the fixture list and League Table. You are all Team Managers, but you also get to choose who's going to be the League Chairman, President, Treasurer and Match Referee. The excitement builds as you get closer to the Cup Final, and you should have heard the roar when Daniel's Devils knocked Chelsea out of the Cup to meet Dad's Demons in the Final! Back in the League, we've got Matthew's Mighty taking on the relatively unknown Man United – and getting a 3-2 home win! This is a game that captures the attention from the start, and the passion to win builds quickly.

Half way through the game, I asked if the boys wanted to go on the Wii – usually a guaranteed way of getting them to stop fighting with each other! 'No, Dad, we want to finish the game!' I'm not going to argue with that! You do not realize at first, but it's actually very educational – you get money (and lose it!) For various events and each player has to decide whether to spend their earnings on a Star GoalKeeper or Defender, or save up and get a Star Midfielder or Forward. You can see …

"TitleChase Football Manager – We Review This Exciting New Game!"

The Secrets of Zen Do Kai

Created by Bob Jones and Richard Norton, Zen Do Kai is a free style martial art, which originated from Melbourne Australia. After receiving their credentials from the G?j? Kai karate dojoin 1970, the founders decided on an open concept martial art that would include principles of boxing, Karate, Judo, grappling, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai and Eskrima. What distinguishes Zen Do Kai apart from the rest is it implements a number of forms and styles of traditional Thai kickboxing. Before opening his doors to the first martial arts club on 48 Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, Bob Jones was prepping, training security personnel in the industry since 1960, and was involved in a number of high profile assignments. These included offering his expertise to protecting world renowned bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. His book “Let the Good Times Roll” is a compilation of his experiences, and was a bestseller for martial arts enthusiasts. Commemorated with the Blitz Martial Arts Lifetime Tribute Award in 1997, Bob Jones featured in his own segment on Channel 10, also known as “Fighting Fit” on the Good Morning Australia Program hosted by Bert Newton.


Zen Do Kai is far from being a closed system of combat, but is rather influenced by distinct elements from other acclaimed martial arts. Since it conception, this defense oriented sport has gone through constant changes, which simply keep it up to par with current strategies and trends. After the jet Black System was introduced in the 1970’s, the Freedom Forms Tournament System was put in place in 1983, which was not only one of the most competitive styles in the region, but also one with the most emphasis on competition. The training modules were amended in 1984, which focused on techniques that would work immediately and a number of practical postures. To add to this effectiveness, Zen Do Kai was combined with Muay Thai Boxing in 1984, and subsequently featured in the Australian kickboxing Event. During this period, a number of world champions were born and the international team’s event and three more world titles were pinned to the map. Bob Jones, who is one of the highest ranked martial artists in Australia or 8th degree, still plays an active role in creating and administering new Zen Do Kai techniques to over 20,000 students and 1000 schools in Australasia alone.


The training methods followed by Zen Do Kai have inspired those of older martial arts and is still open to new ideas and changes. The official Bob Jones website states that official Zen Do Kai clubs are located in Australia, Israel and New Zealand, which together place a large emphasis on holds and grabs and use Kata as a form of training and discipline. Zen Do Kai does not promote violence or fighting but rather focus on self defense techniques. Practitioners are awarded Zen Do Kai Crosses upon successful training, which is an evaluation of dedication, strength and loyalty to the sport. …

"The Secrets of Zen Do Kai"

Basketball Goals – Types of Basketball Backboards

Backboards serve two essential services to all basketball players whether they are young or old, novice or expert. The whole point of the game is to:

-Score points by shooting the ball into the goal, and

-Prevent the other team from scoring points.

The backboard serves as an anchor for the hoop or goal, and provides rebounding surface for the ball. When you think about it this way it’s easy to see how important the backboard is to the game of basketball.

Since the backboard is the anchor for the goal it needs to be very sturdy as well as made to exact specifications if being used to play or train competitively. Both of these qualities are more important for competitive players because they will tend to be more aggressive and need consistency in order to practice and develop their skills.

Types of Backboards

Backboards made out of glass are the top choice for competitive leagues and players because glass is strong, consistent (will not chip or dent) and has the best rebound. These backboards may shatter under duress unlike acrylic or metal backboards, although this is rare and there are some shatterproof glass backboards available on the market. Some manufacturers also carry limited warranties.

Cast acrylic backboards are extremely sturdy and may be all you need if you are looking for an economical and sturdy backboard. They are not the top choice for the NBA because they are not the best at rebounding.

Other backboard materials such as steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, and eco composite provide less crisp rebounds although they have other advantages such as being less pricey, more portable, vandal-resistant, or rust-resistant.

Although acrylic backboards are sturdier than glass, this is not the only standard you need to know when choosing a backboard. Almost more important is how well the material can rebound the ball.

Variations on Regulation Backboards

Aside from the material used to make the backboard, other characteristics that will matter to the game include the backboard’s dimensions, shape, and thickness. Although regulation backboards need to be 72″ x 42″, backboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, such as smaller rectangles of different widths (such as 36″ x 48″ to 36″ x 60″) as well as the popular fan-shaped backboard.

Keep in mind that no matter what material the backboard is made of, the thicker it is, the better it will tend to rebound because the more rigid (and durable) it will be. For most casual players this may not matter, but for competitive players, the more rebound the ball has against the backboard the better. One final variation between backboards is the shooters’ square. Some backboards have the shooters’ square cast into them as part of the material. This eliminates the possibility of it getting faded or worn. Other backboards have a white or orange stripe on the surface. The shooters’ square is more important for newer players, but it helps any player perfect and practice their shot.

Backboard Placement

If you are …

"Basketball Goals – Types of Basketball Backboards"

Lesson 2 – The Commodity Of Kings!

What is “The Commodity of Kings”

“Power is simply “the ability to act.” Since ancient times, power has been the commodity of kings. Power originally came to those who were strongest physically. Later, it came to those who had a special heritage through royalty. More recently, it came to those who had the greatest wealth or capital. Today, those who possess specialized and valuable knowledge have the greatest capacity for power.” Anthony Robbins – from his book Unlimited Power

Specialized and valuable knowledge.

In lesson 1, we learned that there are only two things that can prevent you from becoming wealthy. You don’t know how, or you are unwilling to apply what you know. Today we will dive into reason number one.

Simply put, chances are, you were never taught how to become wealthy. Think for just a moment, what is it that separates you from the Donald Trumps of the world or for that matter any mega-wealthy person?

Is it time? No! we all have the same 24 hours in each day. As you will learn, how you spend your 24 hours will make all the difference however.

Is it a privileged background? Not at all. Remember rags to riches require rags to begin with.

Ah Ha! It must be education! Absolutely not! At least not in the traditional sense. When we think of education most of us think about going to school, graduating, possibly attending college or graduate school so we can graduate and get a good “JOB”. Traditional education teaches us to become a productive part of the workforce, but in no way teaches us the basics of wealth! You may remember going to algebra class, or studying a foreign language, or history, or economics.

How many times have you gone to Wealth Building 101, or advanced personal financial success? Never we suspect, and if you happen to have attended classes you feel were teaching wealth building, doesn’t it make sense that your instructors should have been wealthy? Were they?

Did you know that Fred Smith, founder of Federal Express, received a “D” on his term paper. The one that outlines the worlds first overnight package delivery service! AKA Fed_Ex

Avis of AVIS car rental, McDonald of McDonald’s hamburgers, Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Lear of Lear Jets, Henry Ford, and Abraham Lincoln all have one thing in common – They never graduated HIGH SCHOOL!

So much for traditional education!

The fact is, the specialized and valuable knowledge of wealth building is self taught. The good news is it’s simple to understand and enjoyable to learn, and if you apply that knowledge, you will begin to create wealth.

Welcome to your first day of class, wealth building 101.

How did the majority of people who are wealthy get that way?

If you knew you had a 74{64aad3a316df32ff60dab9c8534014c5cfdef308ef860a6ce60ff66eaa8cfaf6} chance of wining would you buy a lottery ticket? Millions of people line up each week to purchase lottery tickets for their chance to become wealthy. However, according to …

"Lesson 2 – The Commodity Of Kings!"