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Fighting Eye Bags with Essential Oils

Under eye puffiness is known as as eye bags. Age is one of the reasons behind this condition; when skin tissues in the area sag and weaken, they build up fluid, creating a swollen appearance. Aside from age, the condition is also worsened by lack of sleep, eczema, allergies, water retention and smoking. Sometimes, genes are to be blamed.

The puffiness is generally painless and harmless, though it can get rather unsightly. If you have it and are uncomfortable with it, there are essential oils you can use to help control the puffiness, and you can begin with these four:

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Combine lavender essential oil and lemon oil – a drop apiece – with one teaspoon of distilled water; using the resulting solution, massage those puffy eyes with just before you retire for the night. After that, get some comfy, supportive pillows to give you good head support. Remember, lemon oil is photo-toxic, which means you should never use it during daytime when you expect to get a lot of sun.
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Chamomile essential oil is a good remedy in terms of shrinking the skin tissues, eliminating the puffiness. It also contains ant-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties that further reduce the swelling. Chamomile may be used together with witch hazel, with its tightening, astringent effects. Just mix two drops of the oil with two ounces of the shrub’s extract, chill the solution in the refrigerator, and with cotton balls, swab the cold liquid on those under eyes.


In almond oil are emollients that work to improve your under eyes’ appearance. Such emollients neutralize water losses in the body and addresses skin i irritation and inflammation. Simply massage the pure oil under your eyes each day for no less than two weeks straight in order to see results.


Rosemary essential oil is abundant in anti-inflammatory agents, cafes acid and rosmarinic acid, which both rejuvenate the skin and serve as a mild diuretic, lessening the under eye swelling. As well, it helps make the capillaries on that part of your facial skin, stronger and healthier. Three drops of rosemary essential oil plus one tablespoon of Shea butter and you have an effective solution to massage on the skin beneath your eyes. In this case, you will get the best results using circular motions with your fingertips.

Lastly, don’t forget to do a skin test before you apply any of the above-mentioned essential oils. Just apply a tiny amount of the oil on your elbow’s inner side, and do not wipe or wash it off for at least 24 hours. This enables you to determine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, if you it’s absolutely safe to use the oil.