5 Thrilling Water Sports To Try Before You Turn 30


Life is all about excitement, fun, and thrill for those who love to take challenges in life. Such daring souls prefer to go on an expedition, get involved in adventure sports, and live a carefree life. Adventure coupled with sports changes the whole scene and makes it even more enchanting and engaging for all of us. Although it is said that age is just a number and not a constraint but to climb high on a parachute or to ride a boat on a fast flowing river requires energy and stamina along with bravery. No one has control over the health and body, so if you are adventurous, here is a list of five amazing adventure sports that you must try before you turn old and weak.

Paragliding: You may have seen it in many movies or in pictures where someone is flying high in the sky, have you ever tried it in life? It requires some basic training to manage the movement in the air. If you are not acrophobic you must try paragliding once with your partner. It not only offers an amazing view but also makes one feel free in the sky.

Kayaking: This water based adventure sport is not that risky but you have to make sure that you know swimming. Also, being a rider you need to have stamina and strength to carry your boat ahead. People try it in a group and make memorable moments.  William Schoellkopf, who often goes out for adventure sports finds kayaking the safest option for any age. School going kids can also take part in it.

Bungee Jumping: This is one of the funniest adventure sports in the world and it’s getting popular day by day. Here nobody is stopping you from experiencing a free fall. It involves leaping from a certain height when you are tied up with a large elastic rope.

Skiing: This is undoubtedly the most popular adventure sport that a seven-year-old kid can also try. You need two sticks and a skating board to be a part of this winter sport. It is commonly enjoyed in most of the places where snowfall occurs in winter. It’s always better to take enough safety measures when they are available. Also, follow the experts and their guidance to enjoy being in the snow.

Scuba diving: Does marine life attracts you? If yes, you can consider scuba diving at least once in your lifetime. Once William Schoellkopf took his family out for a vacation and there the entire family tried this amazing water sport. Even if you don’t know swimming you can still enjoy scuba diving. Everybody needs to attend a training session to jump into the ocean. It offers a spectacular view of the aquatic life.

People also love to try snorkeling, surfing, river rafting, mountain biking, and many more adventure sports but these sports are not always safe. There’s no point inviting unwanted hazards in life but still if you want a rise in your body’s adrenaline levels you can consider these risky activities but only after checking the guidelines.

William Schoellkopf doesn’t like to spend leisure time sitting idle at home. He is very active and loves adventure in life. He often goes out for many sports competitions and most of the times, he returns with a trophy.