Baiting Deer In Arkansas – Whitetail Bowhunting in Arkansas

Baiting Deer In Arkansas

Arkansas, known as the Natural State, is a prime destination for whitetail bow hunting. Herd conservation practices have resulted in a very large population of these illusive creatures that makes hunting them one of the highlights of the fall and winter months. Archery season opens the first day of October and ends the last day of February, providing hunters with the longest season for hunting of any game in the state.

Whitetail bow hunting can be done in a couple of different manners. The first involves wearing camo from head to toe and spending a lot of time in a tree stand overlooking a known trail that is used by whitetails on a regular basis. The hope is that one will eventually pass within range of a bow shot and be dropped by the waiting hunter.

The second method of whitetail bow hunting is more challenging. This method, known as “still hunting” involves very slowly moving through the woods in search of whitetails. The reason for the term “still hunting” is that it can sometimes take fifteen minutes to move five feet. The archer using this method of hunting is using every one of his senses to try and locate his prey. In a sylvan forest, this can be very difficult. Whitetails are known for their ability to hide and make use of even minimal cover to elude hunters. Baiting Deer In Arkansas

In addition, whitetails have all the advantages over the hunter. They have superior hearing and a keen sense of smell that allows them to become of the presence of man long before he is aware of the deer. Visual acuity in whitetails can be limited, however, making wise use of camouflage clothing and very slow movements the ideal method of stalking a whitetail. Even though the deer is aware that a man is close, he may be fooled about the exact location until it is too late if a hunter is careful enough.

In addition to the very long season offered for whitetail bow hunting in Arkansas, some cities have become so overrun with these animals that they have opened up hunting inside the city limits provided the hunter is able to pass a proficiency test with his archery tackle to assure a safe hunt. For avid bow hunters, this test is very simple and hunting within the city limits of a town that is overrun with whitetails is one way to practically guarantee fresh venison for the table.

Whitetail bow hunting in Arkansas is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the area. Whitetails are a favored target of many different hunters and the challenge of bow hunting is a favored way to spend some time in the great outdoors. The skills needed to be a successful bow hunter are generally passed down from generation to generation in the hope that our children will develop a healthy respect for the environment and a willingness to become a steward of the forest and help to conserve the heritage we got from our ancestors. Baiting Deer In Arkansas