Find Out How Playing Football Can Be Beneficial To You


People across the world prefer playing football because, other than its exciting game approach, it provides a series of benefits including overall fitness, workout values, health benefits and psycho-social benefits. Football is the only game that meets all of criteria recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its 150 minutes workout program per week. Playing football can be beneficial for all, provided the participant has any physical complication or doctor’s prohibition. Among the top benefits of playing football a few are:

Cardiovascular and overall health benefits

Football is a complete soccer that involves varieties of activities like running, drilling, sprinting. The actions throughout the game demand adequate energy outflow and enrich the cardiovascular health. Regular participation in football offers health advantages such as increased blood flow and less vulnerability to heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic health hazards.

The game is an exclusive choice for people who are desirous to weight loss, fat burning and weight management. As per research report of Harvard Medical School it is found that a person of 160-pound can burn round about 600 calories of energy per hour by playing football. According to the college pro footballer Aaron Michael Hartfield, those who are obese, football is an ideal play for them. He is a great football passionate and has been playing the game from his childhood days. For his excellent performance in different football playoffs, he has gained immense popularity in his college team.

Fitness Skills

Playing football on regular basis helps develop numerous fitness skills and aptitudes such as speed, vigor and agility. Players can burn body fat, gain solid lean muscle and unending energy level. Other advantageous parts of football are improved flexibly, body balance and high mobility.

Psychological and Social Benefits

Following the rules of the sport and abiding by the trainer’s instruction teaches participants discipline, organization and self-control. The spirited feature of the sport educates players the great techniques of dealing with disappointments, developing resilience, maintaining temperament level and moral of good sportsmanship. They also learn how to employ constructive criticisms in self-development.

Football is a 90 minutes play that offers great excitement and nourishes mental health by installation of self-esteem, willpower and greater confidence level in players. The fast-paced game approach requires each participant to play with high concentration, versatility while the fast game plan offers fast thinking ability, analytic views in players. When it comes to depression, which has become a part of human life, football can truly help fend off depression, mental anxiety and all kinds of stress.

Team work and communication

As per version of Aaron Michael Hartfield, the great football lover and immense performer that the sport helps players learning what is teamwork. Since, the demanding game plan requires everyone’s full participation and involvement that translates into cooperation, selflessness, coordination and also helps foster communication ability. The organization of the sport adds professional skills and competences such as setting goal, headship and time-management. Needs no mention, the benefits of playing football helps students to secure higher great and perform better in their educational life; stay away from unhealthy habits that remain spirited in all way of life.