Hunting for Exotics: Black Buck Antelope

Hunting is something us outdoorsman love to do. There is rarely another experience you can get when going on a hunt. The feeling of walking through the woods and just hearing nature. You aren’t limited to just noise; all the sensors are engaged when on a hunt. Every hunter knows that feeling when you see your prey coming close enough for a shot. Your heart is racing and adrenaline kicks in, if you miss your heart sinks and frustration kicks in. If you make that shot, there are few feelings you can simulate through a successful hunt. 

White-Tail Deer is one of the most common animals hunted in America. They have a large population, they are fun to hunt, and the meat is something you desire come hunting season. Sometimes the hunts can blend together, you have shot a white-tail for years and at some point, they become predictable. While it’s almost a guaranteed yearly for an experienced hunter. Sometimes it’s more fun being a newbie and getting that new rush. 

Hunting exotic animals is something that has been more common in the 21st century. With hunting ranches and preserves popping up. Hunters have found ways to simulate a hunting experience they wouldn’t traditionally get in North America. These ranches and preserves provide unique animals that aren’t locally sourced. 

The Black Buck Antelope is traditionally found in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Since a large amount of their population has been declined they have been introduced to the U.S. and Argentina. This is where these hunting reserves come in. It gives these animals a chance to repopulate while giving hunters their unique experience. 

The Black Buck females almost look alike to female white tails, despite being smaller and having different patterns. The males really shine in this species. The males upper body and back have a beautiful coat of black and dark brown fur. Their underbellies and around their eyes have a bright white coat. Not to mention the two long curvy antlers on top of their heads are so unique. 

While smaller than a White-Tailed Deer, the Black Buck Antelope stands out in its surroundings. Weighing in at around 85 pounds, these animals do provide some meat. According to a few forums they have good meat, but it needs to be cooked properly. Even if you are a trophy hunter, that head and antlers on your mount will likely look so different than what is already in your collection. Find yourself a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch.

These animals are still rare and most of the time a hunting preserve, or ranch needs to be visited to find one. At these hunting preserves, you can generally find both lodging and guide services. Many of these locations run anywhere from 100 acres to 500 acres. The larger ones tend to be in Texas, Florida, and the southern states due to large areas of land mostly uninhabited. 

If you are looking for a new hunting experience. A way to become a better hunter by tracking different species, or just looking for a fun and new experience. Odds are you won’t be disappointed by the unique experience when hunting this exotic species.