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Picking a Cleaning and Janitorial Service

A factor in the success of any business is a clean and sanitary working environment. In a clean and organized workplace, employees can get work done a whole lot faster and increase productivity. Because the office is sanitized, there will be fewer staff members calling in sick from germ infection. Plus, it will give a great first impression to prospective clients who drop in to do business.

Instead of hiring a full-time janitor, many companies these days avail of the expertise of a professional cleaning service to get the job done. The cleaning service would typically arrive at the end of business hours so it can thoroughly clean all areas of the office. A number of office cleaning companies are probably present in your city so you have to choose carefully the one that is right for you. Here are some tips in choosing a reliable commercial cleaning and janitorial service.

1. Obtain some price quotes from the cleaning firms quartered in your area. You should only consider the companies who visited your office for a proper estimate. Despite the fact that you may want to save money, the lowest cost is not undoubtedly the best deal.
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2. Study the range of services the company can do. If the company specializes solely on window cleaning or floor cleaning, certain parts of your office won’t be cleaned. Refer to the bid and determine if they will also do mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing the bathroom, and dusting. Look for a company that is willing to do all kinds of cleaning so you do not have to go through the trouble of getting specialists for each duty.
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3. Ask the company if it has insurance coverage. A company that has its own insurance will protect you from any liability if any of the cleaning agency’s workers get injured while cleaning.

4. Study the full contract. Many companies’ contract lock you into their service for an extended period of time once you have signed it. This can be disadvantageous to you if the kind of service the company is rendering is below par. You may want to search for a company that gives a trial period or renews contracts monthly rather than annually.

4. Establish the experience of the company. Years of experience in the business will equip the company with a system for cleaning and maturity on how to address any cleaning concerns that may arise. Choose a company that has a track record in the industry, all things being equal.

5. Obtain references from the company. A cleaning company of good repute can supply you with references from former and current clients. Phone these references and inquire how satisfied they are with the job the janitorial service is doing. Balance the raves with the criticisms.