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Everything You Need to Know About Social Proof and Why it Help Your Business

If you are not yet using social proof in your marketing process or you are just starting out in general now is a great time to think about using it. Social proof might send the same message that your marketing would, but it is coming from other customers and clients which means that it is considered a peer voice and atomically more trustworthy. To think about social proof in your day to day life, consider why you bother getting on a waitlist for an items or reservation when there are other options available. If you aren’t using social proof you are really missing a big opportunity.

One common and very popular form of social proof are the testimonials that you’re used to seeing everywhere. Testimonials are personal opinions from people who aren’t getting paid to share them, so they are considered a good source of information. Besides customer testimonials, you can also find celebrities with even more influence to endorse your product or service. Beyond celebrities sometimes another successful person in a relevant industry can make a huge impact by giving your product or business their approval. Those people are already trusted in the social proof sense, so them endorsing you just spreads along the trust.

In addition to testimonials and endorsements you might want to link to review sites so it’s easy for your potential customers to read the reviews and ratings of all kinds of people who have sampled your products or services. Your customers know that you choose the best testimonials to share, but with review sites they are confident that they will see both the good and the bad. When you link this to your site you can also do for individual products so that people can sort through what you have to offer and see what would be the best option for them based on what other customers had to say about it.
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Anytime you get reviewed by a big publication or mentioned in an article you can mention that on your site and add the logo into an “as seen on” section of your website. Depending on what kind of business you have, you might also benefit from having official certifications. Always keep in mind that people follow the herd, so if you mention how many email subscribers you have or show how many people are following you on social media you are a lot more likely to pick up some more followers along the way, as long as you keep updating your social media with relevant consistency.The Best Advice on Options I’ve found