Saints Quickly Make Up For Lost Ground in 2009

The New Orleans Saints were the feel good story of the 2007 season. After having been the losers of the NFL for many years, the team suddenly found itself in the heat of a Super Bowl race in 2007, thanks in large part to Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and Deuce McAllister.

Hopes were high for this New Orleans team in 2008. Drew Brees was with the team for yet another season, Marques Colston was in his second year, more polished and stronger, and the acquisition of tight end Jeremy Shockey made this team even more dangerous.

Somehow, the Saints lost any and all momentum they had established during the previous season. The team stumbled to an 8-8 finish, and missed the plays by a long shot. While their liability was effective, their defensive game was in shambles and something was missing from the team that had so firmly established itself during the 2007 season.

To begin the 2009 season, the Saints were given a very easy opponent in the Detroit Lions. As expected, they went on to win this game rather easily.

Their week 2 matchup was somewhat tougher. Facing the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that had destroyed the Carolina Panthers in week 1, the team would be forced to play its best football if it wanted a chance of winning.

The Saints won this game 48-22. While the absence of Donovan McNabb played a part in the ease in which the Saints won, the Philadelphia Eagles defense looked nothing like its week 1 self. The Saints were just that good on offense once again.