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Finding High Quality and Secure Liberty Safes

An amazing fact to note is that Liberty safes are rated to be one of the best safes in America because of some of the features that the safe offers. The safes are not only burglarproof but can even survive F5 tornadoes. In one of the customer reviews, the safe was the only thing that remained after the whole house was destroyed. In that incidence the safe remained intact on the inside and did not even get wet as the rain levels reached ten inches. Liberty safes can also survive fires. It is interesting to highlight that in one of the customer reviews, a client lost all the valuables in the fire but the safe remained intact with all the valuable items and documents. Liberty prides itself in providing lifetime guarantees for their safes and is the only safe company that allows for a transfer in warranty if the safe is sold. It is vital to note that the company also offers free opening, repair, and removal of a damaged safe.

The components of a Liberty safe is what makes it stand apart from the competitors. It is vital to highlight that the safe has a quadruple layer of fire-board in the ceiling and a triple layer in the walls, doors and door jambs which are very crucial when it comes to proper fire protection. An interesting fact to highlight is that the safe also has expanding heat seals that keep smoke and heat out during a fire. A surprising fact is that Liberty safes also come with a lifetime guarantee against fire and attempted break-ins. It is vital to highlight that the safe door-key is also triple-layered with fire-board to offer more protection. It is vital to state that the premium door panel also maximizes the interior space with pistol pockets, zip pouches, and other features that keep documents 50 degrees cooler during a fire.

When it comes to storage, the safe also optimizes the storage system by having optional rifle rods storage system that fit more than 50{64aad3a316df32ff60dab9c8534014c5cfdef308ef860a6ce60ff66eaa8cfaf6} of more long guns. An interesting facts is that the lighting inside the safe is optimized since the safe has LED lights that are automated and are located on both sides of the safe thus enable the use to see valuables more clearly. The safe also has an optional 4-gun pistol holder that has a pullout drawer, and there are optional handgun hangers that and mag-mounts that optimize and free up shelf space. It is worth acknowledging that the safety of every person should never be considered as an option but rather a right that they should have at all times.Lessons Learned from Years with Safes

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