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Preparing Your Survival Kit

Imagine yourself in a survival situation, what do you absolutely need in order to survive? Of course you need food and water, but without fire how would you cook or purify it? You can try to start a fire manually but this requires a lot of energy, which is why there should be a fire starter in every survival kit. For anyone stuck in a life or death survival situation having fire and the right fire starter can make a huge difference in their chances for survival.

While it can be helpful to know manual, primitive fire starting methods, when preparing a survival kit you have the luxury of packing a fire starter kit. You are able to start a fire through the bow method and creating a tinder nest, but this can exhaust a lot of your energy stores. In a survival situation, you do not want to burn any more energy than you absolutely need to. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to prepare a primitive survival kit, fire starters are a must.

Waterproof matches are a must have for every fire starter kit. Given the conditions that many people in survival situations find themselves in, being waterproof is crucial for any and all gear. Unlike traditional matches or even lighters, waterproof matches are not ruined if they get wet, so you do not have to worry about the extra responsibility of keeping your equipment dry. The combination of ease of use and durability make these waterproof matches one of the best survival fire starters you can have.
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Ferro rods are another popular and great fire starting option. A ferro (ferrocerium) rod is a metallic material that is struck much like a flint and steel fire starter. Sparks from a ferro rod burn incredibly hot, so when they land on a tinder nest you get a light very quickly and very hot. Another benefit is that they can be used multiple times. Frequent and easy use are great reasons why you will want a ferro rod in a survival situation.
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Having fire can save your life in a survival situation. A fire can keep you warm and protected along with allow you to purify water and cook food to keep you healthy. In a survival situation you will likely not have the time and energy to waste starting a fire manually instead of using a ferro rod or waterproof matches. Having a ferro rod or waterproof matches are often the best survival fire starter you can ask for. When preparing a survival kit or simply to have on hand, one cannot underestimate the importance of the right fire starters.