The Foot Lock as a BJJ technique

As an individual, who is very much interested in learning the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ, then you would surely love to be with prestigious BJJ coaches and instructors. Anyway, that is not a bad idea, especially if you have hopes and dreams of becoming a champion someday. So, what you really need to do is to learn all the techniques that would help you win a match. Therefore, you need to focus on your training because every second counts.

One of the techniques that you must really practice is the foot lock. Do you know that Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Tom Deblass is excellent in performing a foot lock? It would be nice, if you can watch his matches, so that you will know how good he is in fighting. I know that you would appreciate his moves and that he can be an inspiration for you to practice and master the skills.

When you are in a BJJ match, it is very important for you to learn how to make your opponent submit to your technique just like the foot lock. When your opponent cannot take this lock anymore, he would surely tap and you win. Isn’t it great to have that dream? So, we have here a few things that you must know about the foot lock technique.

Risky Technique

If you will choose Jiu-Jitsu as your sport, then you cannot always avoid experiencing injuries because of various attacks like the foot lock. Using this technique may be dangerous and gives you pain, especially if you will not tap. While for some BJJ fighters, they really submit because of the pain.

Another thing is that, through this technique, you are in control. You can make a good position and you can make a way for your opponent to submit. Anyway, this technique may be used both in Gi and No Gi techniques.

Now, if you were trained about how to break this technique, then you would surely continue fighting. You may have a higher pain tolerance, but remember that you also have a limit. So, make sure that when you learn the foot lock, then you should also learn about the defensive technique. You may click here to find out about this defense.

You’re in Control

Through the foot lock technique you are in control of the match. It means that using this technique will give the opponent less chance of making a move. Therefore, the floor is yours because you are actually in a good position. How can your opponent make an offense, if they are locked? You know that he will try to make a way out of that lock and defend himself, but it is not that easy because the opponent knows that you are watching every move he makes. You may even be thinking about what he is thinking because you have learned about what defenses must be done.

When you are in control of your opponent, you will feel like he is defenseless and weak. But, do not be very confident because a smart and good opponent can always escape a foot lock no matter how difficult it would be and how painful it is.

Versatile Technique

If you can only apply a foot lock technique properly, then you will see that it is a versatile way of submission that a BJJ fighter must add to their arsenal. In my opinion, this is what it makes it an important technique that you should really be familiar with. You may visit and you will know more why it is an essential technique in BJJ.

Another good thing is, when you are already in a foot lock position, you cannot only give your opponent a means of submission. Instead, you are also giving yourself a good opportunity to make a grappling or choke technique.

While you are still learning the foot lock, do not think about hurting your opponent because he knows that it would be painful, if he cannot find a way out of the lock or if he will not tap. So, the pain is just a part of the fight. Now, when your opponent may also do the same to you. Therefore, be very alert and smart. Think fast and make your defense move.