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The Right Way to Pick a Bowling Ball Choosing the right bowling ball can significantly improve your scores and consistency. For beginners, choosing the most suitable ball to start with can be daunting. When shopping around, you will come across different balls for different skill levels as well as bowling styles. Whether you want an aggressive ball for wide high rev strikes or one that is suitable for precise inside line strikes, it’s important to select a ball that matches your bowling style. Follow these simple tips before buying a bowling ball. Decide what weight to begin with for your ball. Many beginners make the mistake of buying heavier balls than they can actually handle. If the weight is too much to handle, you will also experience difficulties trying to control the ball. Weight you can’t handle also increases the risk of injury. The best way to choose the proper ball weight is by trying out different weights with your arm and choosing one that doesn’t strain you after multiple swings. While the maximum weight is usually 16 pounds, the ideal ball weight should be approximately 10{64aad3a316df32ff60dab9c8534014c5cfdef308ef860a6ce60ff66eaa8cfaf6} of your body weight. Start lighter before progressing to the pro weight. Select the best ball possible for your bowling style. Bowling styles vary from beginners to pros. Even with good bowling skills, not everyone can easily produce wide hooking strikes that send all pins crashing all over the deck. Every bowler should be aware of their bowling style and technique before spending money on balls. You will find balls ideal for people who pack a ton of power in their strikes while others are good for those who use a more accurate bowling technique. Asking more experienced bowlers about the balls they use is also a good idea. People who have a similar bowling style will help you make a good choice.
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Think of the lane conditions of the bowling alleys that you visit most. Bowling alleys are not created equal nor are the lane conditions. With a good idea of the lane conditions of where you bowl, you will be in a better position to select the right balls. For most busy alleys where lanes are fast and oily, you need to choose balls that match those conditions. It’s good to have different balls for different lane conditions, especially if you bowl in different alleys. You must also choose the ideal cover stock for your balls. This outer material will have a huge impact on the way your ball reacts to different lane conditions.
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Get some advice and tips from leading pro shops in the area. Most pro shop workers and owners have a history of bowling and are experienced in helping buyers pick the right bowling balls for specific bowling styles and skill levels. Check out the different balls they sell and ask why they recommend certain balls. You should also use online resources like review sites to read customer reviews and stores to get more details about balls you are interested in buying. Do a price comparison of top brand balls on the market. With these tips in mind, you can easily select the right ball for your bowling style.