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Key Factors When Selecting a Spine Surgeon

When you have a spine problem that requires surgical treatment, there are many things to consider. Perhaps, the most important is to choose the most qualified spine surgeon to carry out the procedure. Considering the large number of surgeons and surgical centers offering spine treatment solutions including surgery, you need to choose your surgeon wisely. Keep in mind that your back problem will determine what type of spinal treatment specialist you select for your surgery. Consider these factors when selecting a surgeon you can count on for great results.

Check the type of professional training that surgeons have. You should never assume that all back surgeons have the same level of training. Expect a qualified surgeon to have training in the top universities or medical institutions and show a high level of expertise in the latest spinal surgery procedures like minimally invasive surgery. You want a surgeon who has impressive residency training as well as membership in fellowship programs. Potential surgeons should be licensed and accredited by the state and national boards of neurological surgery. You should also evaluate their ethical conduct, professional credentials and competence as surgical experts.

Consider the level of experience that the surgeon has. How many years have they been performing spine surgery? Although surgeons will have varying years of experience, consider choosing one with an established history of serving patients who need your type of surgery. The higher their experience, the more knowledge and surgical skills they have. It’s vital that the surgeon specializes in treating your particular spinal problem. From injuries caused by accidents to sports related injuries and medical issues, a reliable surgeon will have the necessary knowledge needed to treat you based on experiences with similar past cases.

Know about the surgeons treatment philosophy as well as their areas of specialty. When looking for a back surgeon, you will come across some that are conservative than others when it comes to surgical treatment. A trusted surgeon will offer you proven surgical treatment options for your back problems. Those who specialize in the most minimally invasive treatments are the best option. Top surgeons who use the latest surgical procedures record lower complication risks with patients. It’s also important that a surgeon stays informed about the new trends and developments in the industry. Informed surgeons provide innovative surgical solutions for various back problems.

Find out about their success rates and patient outcomes. To determine if a spine surgeon is successful or not, you should get to know the result achieved for their patients. While your spinal problem is unique from others, a successful surgeon offers a better chance of enjoying safe surgery with positive results in the end. Arrange consultations with a surgeon and prepare a list of questions. Find out about the risks associated with the procedure and how the surgery is done. The surgeon should also be clear about patient care and follow-up after the surgery and offer guidelines on recovery. Remember to choose a surgeon who is open and honest with you and one you feel comfortable working with.
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