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Some Information about Ducts and Their Importance

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have all an important component called the ducts. Ducts serve as the passageway where air is delivered and removed. Air transfers in different directions, whether it is the supply, return and exhaust, are required of all HVAC systems. Ensuring air quality and temperature in a room is done through the ducts of the ventilation system that transfer the outside air to the inside of the room.

Air conditioning ducts are used to transfer cold air from one area to the next and distribute it wherever needed. With the ducts, the performance of fans, ACs and coolers have no limit. The reduction of the speed of cold air and the minimization of the level of noise, are done through the help of the ducts.

There are three kinds of air conditioning ducts.
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Let us describe first the overhead ducts. These are the ducts with steel wires that are suspended overhead. With small holes on the sides of the ducts, it paved the way for streams of cold air to mix with the warmer room air, go to all places allocated in the building and thereby temperatures are lowered.
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The next type of ducts is for very hot environment or industries like commercial laundries and bakeries, where holes are made on angular positions, at 4 and 8 o’clock angles, with the aim of directing cold stream to downward direction.

Plain and perforated ducts is the third kind of duct that can also use as spot cooling ducts. This type of duct is one which has to be connected to any portable AC unit. This method is a way to release cold stream accurately where it is needed, and the energy cost is lowered.

Summer season is the time when you would need your air conditioning units. Your rooms will have the cool and pleasant ambiance if you use the best air conditioning system that has the efficiency to provide a good amount of cool air in your home. When you choose the best air conditioning units for your home, it is important that you understand the kinds of ducts to give maximum performance.

Evaporative air conditioning ducting is a method in which a single duct is used, with a specification of a one inch insulation to enclose the core. There is little period for heating and cooling effects to be wasted when using this type of air conditioning unit since in this type the air moves very quickly

Generally, air conditioning duct has a warranty or guarantee good for about five to ten years. Do not buy from manufacturers who do not offer you this warranty.